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I paid for myself and my husband to have them do my taxes for the past 2 years and they only did it for me. They would not answer my calls and then when I did speak to someone, I was told that I must now pay another fee to have them do the correction.They did not do the job right in the first place and now they want more money to correct a problem that Tax Master's created.

I am not satisfied with them and I hope they get reported and loose their license to practice. I am out of over $1,000.00.

and still have to do my taxes for those years instead of paying them the money. I wish I did not do business with these people.

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Hello Everyone:


I am trying to forward information to the attorney who is reviewing our potential Tax Masters class action suit. Please forward the following for our preliminary summary:


Contact Information

Summary of Your Issue with Tax Masters

Amount Loss

Please forward this information to me at your earliest convenience ( in order for me to compile and forward to the attorney. I will keep you abreast of the status.


Pam Mitchell, Sr. Paralegal

(504) 234-5202


well i guess i was the next sucker in line for Taxmasters. Took 950.00 dollars out of my checking account last friday and i didnt find out till the next morning.

wasnt supposed to take it out till next month.Left me with 60.00 dollars in the bank and thats all i had to live on till the end of the month.starting calling them the for the next 5 days..many emails,until the billing supervisor finally called me wednesday.

make a long story short she said the 3rd party said i told them they could take money out last friday. big f...cking lie....need help getting my money back..heres my


have you gotten you money back ? because we did the same thing gave them $1000.00 but did not sign anything .we closed our card ,so they cannot take anymore money . thats money we do not have extra ..


Please see my website "". My story is similar to many of yours, including unauthorized bank drafts, little to no action being done to complete the work promised, and deceptive marketing strategies.

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