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After I finished my time with the Navy i started my own construction company back home. We did very well for he past ten years up until the housing market crash. I kept my business pretty well under the radar, but i really shot myself in the foot ( didn't pay the payroll taxes for the since we started). *** i know, but that in the past. So the IRS started Levying my Bank accounts.

I mean all My bank accounts: Checking, savings, CD's the list goes on. So i pulled everything out. I contacted Tax Masters to see if they could help me. A man named Lexington Steele with a funny accent got on the phone with me and after speaking to him all of ten minutes he wanted 10,000 right then and there to handle my tax issue. NO WAY. That should have been the end of it right there... But a manager by the name of Andrew called me up from TM and after talking to me for a while scared me into thinking that i was going to go to federal prison for tax evasion. I know that it does happen, but i should not have gone with TM!

I paid them a "one-time-fee" of 10k. a LOT i know, but they told me that through offer and compromise they could reduce my tax debt to only $1,500 which is what i wanted. IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT IS!! These B*****ds DID NOTHING!!! I doubt they even contacted the IRS. Contact

Through searching for help i actually stumbled upoun these guys from a complaint blog. David at actually told me that i am not even qualified for an Offer In Compromise because i have too many assets. He explained that for someone in my situation the IRS will actually file a substitute return on the years i didn't file and *** what my Tax Liability is. ( Tax Masters Did none of this for me, they just scared me and lied to me into paying). But these guys ran a Tax Investigation for me to see what the government assessed and what could be done about it.

and they didn't charge a dime to do. Daves # 877-517-0067. Obviously Tax Masters is the biggest RIPOFF they charged me so much before they could have possibly contacted the IRS or even know what it is they could have done for me. Such a waste of my time an money! if anyone is interested in filling a class action lawsuit PLEASE let me know! TAX MASTERS IS A SCAM DO NOT USE!!!!!

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Tax Masters has taken $2150 from my 65 yr old mother who lives on $771 per month of Social security. They did not properly fill out or complete her taxes (they were refused by the IRS) for 06' and 08 and she had already filed 07 and 09.

She paid them in Dec. 09 and by 10/10 she had yet to receive any of her taxes and the IRS had placed a levy on her accounts. When I got involved after she had called and called asking for their help, they said she owed additional funds and they would not give her the completed taxes until she paid an additional $500 for which she did not have. Long story short we did get the taxes but they were useless, Tax Masters showed she owed $4220 for her 06 taxes, when the IRS only showed $991, and Tax Masters told her they would make it where she owed NOTHING at all.

It's one thing to take advantage of Q Public but how would Patrick Cox like it if his mother were raped by the likes of him? I am left to clean up the mess.

Luckily there are many, many options for FREE legal help to the aged and disabled (which she is both) and I plan on seeing this through to the end!! As TM moves into their new larger building and continues to grow by millions of $$ every year, I plan on doing everything I can including standing on public roadways with signs, handing out flyers, operating a web-site and anything else I can do to bring these people down!!


They currently have several class action lawsuits filed against them. One with the Texas Attorney General and the state of Pennsylvania.

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