A year ago I called TaxMasters in response to television advertisements to engage them with my IRS problems.... before they would even talk to me they demanded money up-front.

After I paid they then sent me a contract to sign - I didn't sign. They also sent a lot of other paperwork to sign... I considered it way too invasive, didn't sign.

I have been trying to get them to refund my money... $3,000.00 they were paid. They have done nothing and refuse to return my money claiming "Mr. Mason is not eligible for a refund" in documentation with the Better Business Bureau.

So far I have reported them to the BBB, Texas State Attorney General's office, Inspector General's office of the Internal Revenue Service, Texas Bar Association, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Treasury Department and the Internet website "Complaint Board".

Is anyone aware of a means to force these thieves to return my money without a Lawsuit?

Putting them forever out of business, incarcerating the principles would be nice.... but frankly I just want my money back.

I discovered there is a female with the same last name as their principle attorney who was disbarred for unknown reasons.... it doesn't surprise me.

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I sent past years finished Taxes to them as requested..and 2yrs 2008/09 have not received

anything back and and I am having problems doing past taxes....called but no answer they

have my money and I have nothing.



I was promised a settlement of thirteen cents on the dollar, was charged $8,900 and received no calls or services until I started calling daily and rattling cages. After my bank account was frozen due to the fact that TaxMasters did not respond to the state's letters (they instruct you to forward all correspondence and calls to them and to not take any action on your own as it will jeopardize results, I sent a letter of cancellation.

After a month of trying to reach the Director of Quality Assurance, DeWayne Logan extension 2061, I was denied a refund citing a third party consultation which is a leter to the IRS confirming monies owed and filing history.

I called Harris County DA who was very familiar with TM but informed me that theytook the investigation as far as they could then realized they had no jurisdiction and that the US Treasury Department was now investigating They recommended I send a letter to US Treasury Department, 1919 Smith Street Houston TX 77002, Attention Special Agent Farwell. They also recommended I contact my congressman and senator.


Get a lawyer to call or write a letter saying you will sue them in your county if they do not give you a full refund, they will refund your amount as they are being investigated by some law enforcement agencies. Good Luck


Response to Taxjustice.com

We need to hold the media responsible for the rise in these types of Company's. It is interesting to see and hear that the majority of these company's advertise on right wing conservative radio and cable networks.

In my opinion there are a large group of Americans that do not know who to trust with important financial matters. We see news media,

sports media and the Hollywood media supporting their programs with advertising dollars from these questionable company's. American sometimes put their trust in these individuals not realizing they are part of the scam.

As an example:

Check out Dennis Millers web site for his Westwood One radio broadcast. He clearly recommend's using Taxmasters out of Houston Texas for any tax issues. Miller has also stated that without the advertising dollars provided by TaxMasters that his show could not have servived.

I have tried to get an answer from Dennis Miller and Westwood One regarding their endorsement of TaxMasters out of Houston Texas but have not received a response.

To all those with tax issues please heed the reports provided by the BBB about TaxMasters out of Houton Texas. They have been given an "F" rating for a reason and should not be hired to perform any services.


I don't know what the cut-off for award money is in small claims court, but try going to legal aid and get some one there help you file suit against these people, they have to show up when a supoena is handed to them and let a judge decide why they still have your money. It should cost very little as legal aid is generally free, you might have to pay some in court costs or the judge might just let the other side do it to teach them a lesson and you might get more than your 3K back.

There is a site on the web called I think "Just Answer.com" that has online attorneys and docs that you can ask any question to and then decide on what their answer is how much you want to pay. I used it once when I got a disturbing the peace ticket as my dogs were out in the back yard barking at 2am. It didn't matter that my neighbor had a possum living under his outbuilding and every night this thing came out and climbed a tree right by the fence and just sat there until about 4am. The lawyer told me I would probably have to pay a fine and court costs which is not what I wanted to hear, but that's exactly what happened.

A couple of weeks later my Australian Shepherd smelled that possum walking along the fence and there was about a 4inch dip under the fence and she grabbed that thing and pulled thia huge, fat, old possum into my yard. Well,my 2 other dogs doxies attacked and my son happedned to be visiting so he went out with a small piece of firewood and beat the thing to death, put it in a box and into the garbage. That took care of that problem. No more barking.

Good luck with getting your money back. Write a note on here with what happens, I'll check back several times to see if you've gotten any results.


Why are consumers using these companies so often.

We publish for the legal industry, and do have CPA's and E.A.'s who use our publications.

The industry as a whole is concerned about the rise in these companies.

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