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Taxmasters charged me approx, $3500.00 with the promice i will get a settlement. I went along for 2 years in which taxmasters did file for a hearing but the day of the hearing no one there answered the phone when i IRS called to discuss my case.

since that time our bank account had been locked. My wife's pay was Garnshed.Finally after many calls to taxmasters

someone did try to help but after 2 years of doing nothing IRS would not accept any plan except for me to pay off over $14,000 and $270.00 a month.

Do the math $14000.00 with penlities and interest every month and me paying $270.00 a month. They unapproved plan with for me to pay $1000.00 off in 6 payments but IRS refused it


Monetary Loss: $3800.

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Thats funny because the guy with the awful beard from the Taxmasters commercial is on Jay Leno every year at tax season giving tips and telling people to come to his company for advice and help. What a joke.


Contact this attorney for help & tell him PJ sent you. We will get our money back!

Jeremiah Frei-Pearson, Esq.

Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz P.C.

1311 Mamaroneck Avenue

White Plains, NY 10605


Phone: 914-517-5006

#267328 Some thing to look into.

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