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I gave Tax Masters my bank information to the tune of $2125.00 (one of 4 installments). After many reviews on the internet I got a very bad feeling. In less than two hours I called to cancel after I found out how bad they are. Of course, I tried to cancel the bank draft as well. They said they could not stop the transaction but I did at the bank. They emailed documents to sign and I never did. Got an email from the rep that I originally talked to. Emailed back that I had canceled the service. The guy had the nerve to call me back and tell me that I had entered into a contract and was liable for the payments. With no money changing hands and no signed contract I told him good luck.


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There is now a Houston law firm pursuing suits on behalf of consumers nationwide who have been deceived by TaxMasters. For more information visit:


I feel bad when I see people unhappy with their IRS representation service company. We provide the knowledge, experience, and professional attitude necessary to get the job done efficiently. For free information on how to select someone to represent you before the IRS or how to represent yourself please visit our website at


Yea, I got screwed too.They took me for $9,750.00 for a state audit i was dealing with.

All their forms reflected an IRS audit and once I brought this to their attention they quit returning my calls and emails.

I am in the process of a credit card dispute and I hope it goes my way (Services not rendered) If the credit card dispute doesn't go my way I will be suing for sure.TaxMasters is a fraud stay away.


Yes , There needs to be a comercial on TV to warn people.They are a bunch of crooks.

I called less than 24 hours after talking with them to cancel. They charged my credit card anyway and now disputing charge. I told credit card company i would quit paying my monthly payments untilthis was cleared up. THEY NEED TO DEAL OUT SOME TEXAS JUSTICE TO THESE PEOPLE.

They hang up on me when i call and do not return emails. I returned the envelope they mailed me with the documents they mailed me marked " RETURN TO SENDER " They spelled my last name wrong on the package. Someone get a rope and find a tall tree !



Glad to hear you were able to stop the payment. I can not believe that their business practices can be legal.

We must not stop the fight until Patrick Cox is flat broke and busted starving in the streets.

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