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After the BIG crash in Real Estate a few years ago I didnt think that there would ever be any way out of the mess that I had created with the IRS. My problem actually goes back much futher then that start a good seven years ago with personal problems here at home.

I have always been self employed and do pretty well for myself. But with the problems here at homes things really started to take a turn for the worse. Not file one year turned into 6 years of not filing and then the letters started to poor in from the IRS. At first I thought I could take care of this on my own.

I tried to talk to the IRS and work something out with them. Even wrote a check to them to try and chip away and the huge mess I created but that wasnt enough. The most recent letter I received from them really scared me. So I saw a add for Tax Masters and thought I would give then a call to see what they could do.

The rep seemed really nice and after a hour long conversation with him then being put on hold for several minutes he came back on the line and told me what it would cost to get out of my mess. $10,000! Since I didnt know any better and didnt research much I thought that was normal. So I agreed to it and set up a payment plan.

A few days later I thought that I should go online and just check them out a little more to make sure that I was really doing the right thing. Boy was I shocked at what I found. Many websites with stories about people paying WAY more then they should to get help with there taxes through Tax Masters. I ALMOST fell for the same thing that many of these other people's stories I read about.

Then I came across a complaint that I read and how they to almost fell for the same thing but was referred to Charles with Us Tax liberty.

So I decided to look them up first before I called them to make sure I wasnt making the same mistake twice and waste any more of my time. I could not find anything negative about them so I decided to give him a call and get a second opinion. Boy am I glad that I did. The conversation I had with him was night and day.

He gave me information that I didnt get from Tax Master. Told me step by step exactly what the process was. Was totally professional and sensitive to my situation. It was handled very quickly.

Saved me thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been wasted and I even got money back from the IRS for a couple of years that I didnt file. Being a business owner for years now it is good to know that there are still companies out there that are Honest and Care about there clients. Why would Tax Masters try to RIP ME OFF of my hard earned MONEY????

Whatever you do please do not go to them and get a second opinion. They WILL over charge your for there service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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