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I sought out Tax Masters because I received a letter from the IRS that indicated that I owed 9,000 US from 2007, and I wanted to see if they could help. The sales person told me that they would need $4000 to open my case, and that was likely all that I would spend to get it settled.

I signed a contract for $1000 down and 750/month for the following 4 months. One business day later, my assistant discovered that this was a clerical error on our accountant's part and that she had just put the wrong Tax ID number on one of our quarterly payments to the IRS. I called Tax Masters immediately and tried to cancel the service. My "good buddy" from the day before didnt call me back, and when I called again, I was forwarded to an answering machine that told me "someone from accounting will get back to you shortly".

Never happened. Over the next week, I left several messages about cancelling the service, with no response. Finally someone called back and told me that there was already "so much work" done for me in the past week that they couldn't possibly refund any of my money. When I reminded them that I had tried to cancel within one business day, all the woman would say is "well, we start working on your case right away.

The work has been done". I called my credit card company to see if cancelling my card would be an option, since it was clear that they intended to steal 4k of my money, and my credit card folks told me that regardless of my cancelling the card, I still signed the contract and they would eventually send me to collections on it anyway. I had to watch as they stole 4k of my money, month after month, when I didnt even need their service and used not one minute of their time. PLEASE do not be taken in by the ads.

These are not good, honest people.

Tax Masters should be truly ashamed of themselves. Very shady operation all the way around.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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thanks for the info


Class action lawsuit site:

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #217741

Taxmasters stole 3750.00 from me and did aboslutely nothing to help me.They are a bunch of scam artists!!I can't believe the state of Texas allows them to conduct business


If you called back in one day they had to refund your money as they have 3 days to do that, also your cc company should have helped as you have cancelled in that time frame, get a lawyer so you can get a refund and then cancel your cc as the company should have helped. They are being sued by the AG of Texas. Good Luck

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