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To begin with, my wife was already pissed that i hadn't saved up enough to pay our taxes for that year. I file 1099 every year so that means i have to save my own money to pay my taxes every year, and well 2007 i fell short. i only came up with 30k which was only half of what i owed for that year. in '08 i managed to come up with the full amount of 70k to the IRS, but they applied 40k of that to my back taxes. so with penalties and interest i was falling even further behind.

This didn't help the matters at home at all! so when i paid up my '09 the debt i owed the IRS was up to 50k. And the $900/month payment plan the IRS put me on was not helping.

So i contacted Tax Masters. After speaking to one of their "Tax Advisers" on the phone i felt much better, they told me what i wanted to hear. I was told that Tax Masters would reduce my debt to only $1,000. HA! WHAT A LAUGHBLE LIE!!!!! i should have know that it was to good to be true. But I BOUGHT IT! and it was only going to cost me 9 GRAND!

At the time that seemed more than AMAZING! only ten grand to pay off everything!

THAT is when i had to start sleeping in the office.

Tax Masters advised me to stop my payment plan because now they had contacted the IRS and were handling everything for me. Not only did i constantly receive letters from the IRS, but 3 months later they slapped a lien on my home and my wife slapped me in the face.

YES i messed up in the first place being late on my Taxes, but Tax Masters took my money and DID ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. EXCEPT RUIN WHAT WAS LEFT OF MY RELATIONSHIP.

I was still hopeful however, maybe Tax Masters would be able to get me out of this mess. I called them up and guess what, they said there was nothing they could do for me. After frantic searching and calling multiple firms who all seemed to promise all these great things up front, just like Tax Masters then i came across who explained to me that there was never any way that i was close to being qualified to an Offer In Compromise. But they did get me back into my house when the removed the lien from my house! My wife cooled down after that.

They did a Tax Investigation Immediately and let me know that my Tax debt could be reduced, but only to about 20k. Currently i am on a monthly payment plan of $400/month. That is more than reasonable and don't worry, i already have everything saved up to pay my 2010 taxes.

The rep at suggested it try to get at least a partial refund back from Tax Masters. So i called them. do you know what they told me?!?!

They said that i was not entitled to a refund because of all the work they did for me. WHAT WORK??!?!?!?! they filed an OIC and that was their COst. Bull F@#&king S**T filling ONE FORM! does not cost NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Does anyone know how i can get some of this money back?? I have my tax issue resolved a THANK GOD. But i want my money back! I've seen some people on here are trying to file a class action suit. How do i get involved in that?

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I too was scammed by Tax Masters, I just heard that the FBI had visited the Houston offices of Tax Masters to investigate complaints. Are there any current or ex-employees that can confirm this? I also heard there was a mass exodus of employees because the writing is on the wall that the company is about to implode.


Thank you Haywood. i ended up getting a refund!

Although everything that they did was something i could have done myself... though i didn't even know where to begin in the first place.

turns out that once the returns were filed it my new tax liability was so much less that the gov. had to return most of the money they levied from my bank accounts.


Vincent: Those guys over at have been nothing but helpful to me since day one. you should talk to dave, he might be able to get you a discount on the Tax investigation (it's like 99 bucks, but he did it for free for me) they have promotions sometimes.

I felt a little weary when they said they couldn't tell me what their fee would be until after they did the tax investigation, but it made sense once they did it.

They only charged me 3 grand when TM wanted 9!! so it's definitely worth your time to have them do a tax investigations.


That is soo much worse than what i went through with them. But yeah, i got ripped too... for 3 grand!

How is by the way? I went to their website, it doesn't seem that different from the other sites out there. But i did call in and spoke to one of the reps. they seem pretty legit, well at least their plan seemed reasonable, and they want to do a tax investigation before they actually will tell me exactly what they can do, or even what there fees would be. how was your experience with them?? I want to make sure that i wont get *** again.

...acbntx2008 it's good that you did your research before sending TM your money. I feel like an *** for ever trusting them.

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I would DEFINATELY seek a knowledgeable attorney, I'm glad that you told me, I had a feeling about them, they seem too good to be true, and they are, they probably need to be shut down for false advestising


I am trying to forward information to the attorney who is reviewing our potential Tax Masters class action suit. Please forward the following for our preliminary summary:


Contact Information

Summary of Your Issue with Tax Masters

Amount Loss

Please forward this information to me at your earliest convenience ( ) in order for me to compile and forward to the attorney. I will keep you abreast of the status.


Pam Mitchell, Sr. Paralegal

(504) 234-5202



They have several class action law suits filed against them. One with the Texas Attorney General and one with the state of Pennsylvania. You need to file a complaint with the Texas AG, in order to get in with the class action law suit.


Contact the Houston FBI,yes the FBI,they are looking at them too,also get a lawyer they will refund your money if they know you are serious like being sued, read all the material on this (Pissed Consumer) as there are folks joining class action suits good luck fella and do not let this pass make them pay get your pound of flesh.

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