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Tax Masters in not only ripping of the clients, Tax Masters is ripping off their employees. Ever since the law suit the bonus and overtime has been taking awaying.

Tax Masters clients I feel sorry for you because you all think something is being done and it is not. You will never get to speak with the same rep. When you ask for a manager you would most likey speak with Janey Murphy White which is horrible. She is a 24 year girl straight out of the ghetto with a GED.

She is handling your case. If you do not believe me just facebook Jayna True Dive Murphy White: The name speaks for itself. Do not use tax masters. Our insurance premious are not even being cover.

Where is the money going. Tax Masters needs to be shut down asap

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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AND you are just as Ghetto as the people you are accusing. YOU need an education also and you have no class either. You are a low-life.

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