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I have read hundred of the same complaints online from other victims of the *** artists at Tax Masters. They charge the "client" +/- 10% of what they owe the IRS, then they stall, delay and never do anything.

I paid them over $5,000 two years ago. Still nothing. I contacted multiple IRS offices and not one had any record of any correspondence with Tax Masters related to my account. By the way, if you owe the IRS and you cannot pay you can file an Offer in Compromise yourself.

The IRS will assist you in completing the forms that can be downloaded from their website. You will not get a refund from Tax Masters. Why do people like Bill O'reilly and Dennis Miller continue to endorse Tax Masters? Who is "looking out for you"?

Why is Tax Masters still in business? It looks like every consumer watchdog group and law enforcement agency is investigating them, but they continue to scam victims who are already down on their luck and need a break.

Monetary Loss: $5780.

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The fat *** who is on the tube advertising for your business, along with Ronnie Douche, and several others are eating very well off of you, the ignorant consumers. The IRS is going ot get theirs in the end, no matter how it comes to them.

So, get over the fear of dealing with them, and make that face to face appointment and get it over with. They put the pants on the same why you do everyday, so if you are repentant, and deal honestly with them, they will likely be fair with you.

Been there, done that. I would think that those agents that have to dela with the 'taxmasters' of the world assume they are dealing with a shady client.

#267331 Look into this it could help.


that ugly boring piece of *** has the personality of a *** ant!


I hit the mute as soon as that fat turd comes on to deliver his line of horse ***.

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