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We saw the commercial for Tax Masters and thought they could help us. Once we hired them they started adding more and more fees for supplements and additional services.

In one month we paid $1300 only for them to process tax returns but could not release them until an additional $800 was paid for additional supplements.

If we would've continued their services we would've paid a little over $6k only to find out from the IRS that they cannot negogiate anything more than we can as tax payers.

Everyone please be aware and call the IRS prior to engaging with Tax Masters. You will first get the sales guy who is nice and empathetic but once you hire them you will be bounced around from one person to another with no resolution other than you need to pay more.

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Speaking from much experience and knowledge, everyone, please please do NOT get anywhere near these kinds of companies like TaxMasters who make all these promises to you! I have seen a couple of other TV ads for different companies.

They are all the same. You can do just as well by contacting IRS yourself and going in and talking to an IRS agent. Spill your guts if you have to. You will not only save yourself alot of grief but alot of money too.

The IRS only gets angry when you ignore them. Don't do that.

Talk to them. You will be surprised to find they even have a couple of human beings working for them!

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