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I had an appointment with a representative and was assured that my debt would be decreased to cents on the dollar from 70k. He said I had to sign the contract and pay there retainer fee of 8,000(Wow!) before anything would take place. So, I called my wife and told her how they could help. I was so relieved and looked forward to letting the "professionals" represent us, and having the promise of being worry free. With all there commercials I was conditioned to think that they must be the best.

The same thing happened to me that everyone is complaining about, endless paperwork, not returning calls, more requests for the same paperwork, more missed e-mails, never being able to talk with my case representative, etc. This went for 9 months with no real progress. The IRS has placed liens and I believe we could have avoided this if I had done some research into the company first. In the meantime our debt went well over $100, 000 with interest and penalties. What a nightmare and how do I get my money back?

In the meantime my father in law had gone through a very similar situation. Difference is he did a lot of research into the company he chose. The Tax Relief Foundation. His experience with them was so inspiring that I had to talk to them myself.

What a difference a company can make! As different as night and day. Tax Relief Foundation essentially picked me up and dusted me off. Now I live stress free and would recommend these guys to anyone.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Bear, Delaware, United States #239729

Tax Relief Foundation got me through this whole mess. If it wasnt for them I may still be wondering how much longer it would take with Tax Master.

I would recommend Tax Relief Foundation even to my parents. Now that says alot.


I had a problem with the New Jersey Division of Taxation. I was desperate I saw TaxMasters Commercials and called them, was given misleading and deceptive statements; I hired them and paid over $3,500.

They did nothing at all for me. Nine months pasted, finally I contacted TaxMasters and ask was going on with my case, “I was told they never received the pertinent tax records of mine. I had faxed the records from Staples and had records of dates and times. It was six weeks since I sent the faxes; I was put on hold for over 20 minutes, when the TaxMasters representative returned she said that she found them, still in the fax machine.

Apparently they do not look at their incoming messages. To make long story short I hired an honest accountant, who resolved my problem in several weeks.

I didn’t owe New Jersey $9,500, I owed them only $900, paid them, problem solved. I never heard from TaxMasters again.


I met with Tax Masters in the Houston Office- what a disaster. The office is the worst looking office I have ever seen. They sat me and my wife in a conference room with a broken chair (the chair had 3 legs and the conf room was disgusting). As soon as we seen the people who were going to be helping us with our situation my wife and I decided that this was not the place. Most of the employees look like convicts and you will never let them near your dog let alone handle one of the most stressful situations in your life- IRS problems.

The rep had the worst handle of the english language and when asked if he had any additional schooling he said no; that he has only been at Tax Masters 4 months and previous to working there he was a used car salesman. Wow.

We overheard conversations of how they just had a client sign up with them, who paid $6k in full; the rep was laughing at the client because he paid so much money to have his work done at Tax Masters.

If you live in the Houston area, prior to signing up with them, please do yourself a favor and visit there office. Its nasty and smelly.

I will never do business with tax masters.


This a class action lawsuit that is developing look into it, you may get some of your $ back. Good luck fella.

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