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After telling tax masters on numerous occasions i didn't want or need their services, they still kept withdrawing money from my account. Since i gave them my account information the bank won't refund my money.... I'm out over $1000 because of bank fees and withdrawals. Then on top of that they overdrew my account causing some of my checks to bounce.

After all that i still wound up doing my own taxes with no thanks to them and they're still taking my money and i have to change my account which i have had for 15+ years.


Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Mr Williams, I was also ripped off by these people. So how so I get involve with your class action law suit.

If we can fight them together, it would be much better. Let me know what I need to do.

Look forward to working with you...

My email address:


Greetings everyone....they have done the same thing to me. They sent the IRS a Power of Attorney that was so bad that the IRS sent it back to us.

They also asked for documents byu the end of May 2009 but it was January 2009 when they sent the request.

We terminated the agreemet in writing per the contract but they are now thretning to sue us for $3,600. Can anyone stop these people?


Hello Everyone:


I am trying to forward information to the attorney who is reviewing our potential Tax Masters class action suit. Please forward the following for our preliminary summary:


Contact Information

Summary of Your Issue with Tax Masters

Amount Loss

Please forward this information to me at your earliest convenience ( in order for me to compile and forward to the attorney. I will keep you abreast of the status.


Pam Mitchell, Sr. Paralegal

(504) 234-5202


Some of us on the other "Taxmaster" link on this website are looking into a class action. If you like, forward you email to be added and when I get firm information from the attorneys I will contact everyone.

Pam Mitchell


I have had an awful time with Taxmasters. They are crooks of the first order! Does anyone know of any class action suits?


I am just another Tax Masters' victim. After meeting their upfront fee requirements, Tax Masters simply did not do what the Contract called for.

This resulted in the IRS sending me a Lien Notice. One of the letters from the IRS states that the agent had not been able to contact Tax Masters, and Tax Masters had not contacted the IRS on my behalf. Then, less than one week from the lien, Tax Masters sent me a letter requiring I resubmit all of my financial info that I had already provided the month before. Now, I have not gotten any response from Tax Masters to my demand for a refund of my fee.

My response is a Complaint with the FTC, but I am also preparing a law suit for Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment and Violation of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. I can be reached at

or Perhaps we can do a class action


Today, I just cried. Tax master has place me in a big bind.

All my check have bounced due to an unauthorized deduction from my account.

I called 10 times today with no call back. WOW

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