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Tax Defense Network Is no different than JK Harris or Tax Masters! I was Originally ripped off by Tax Masters With a sales pitch that promised me an Offer In Compromise With no results and an up front fee of 5 GRAND!!

Well guess what. I called JK Harris and got the same answer to my Tax problems. Did not trust it for a second. So i kept looking for a reputable Tax Company. I called TDN and you know what? they told me the same thing as Tax Masters and JK Harris! FIVE Thousand Dollars for an Offer In Compromise that i knew darn well i wasn't qualified for.

Finally i got Help from Dave at US Tax Liberty He didn't try to sell me, but told me exactly what was up. And then told me they can't even quote a service fee until they contact the IRS and find out what can actually be done with my case. His number is (949) 999-3308 if you still need help.

There is a simple rule to find a good tax help company. If they try to sell you with a reduction right there on the first phone call with that fee right away then STAY AWAY!! Tax Defense Network, JK Harris, and Tax MAsters are nothing but SCAMMERS!

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Is there any kind of legal action we can take against Tax Masters?

They were suppose to audit our tax return to find the error and did not. It is IMPOSSIBLE that i owe the IRS the amount of money they say.

Tax Masters notified the IRS once in 6 months. Did not reply to their letters therefore my bank account was levied. Now the IRS is contacting for more and Tax Masters still has not responded. I can't even get a hold of my rep.

Does anyone know what kind of action we can take against companies like Tax Masters


I fully agree this is a complete miscarriage of justice and is absolutely criminal but how do you sue them. They took thousands of dollars from me to make it even worse for me so that I had to file bankruptcy and now there is a lien on my house.

Paul South, one of their agents was suppose to have a telephone conference with the IRS. HE NEVER SHOWED UP and the IRS cancelled all the work I had done with them and hit me with even higher penalties. How do they get away with advertising on FOX?

If they are being sued why does FOX cancel their contract with them? Anyone out there that get help me in getting my money back please contact me please


I was taken by a different company from Texas years ago.Same gimmick-they may do something once all of the money is paid to them but not before. I have seen on at least three sites someone advising he was helped by "dave" at 'US tax liberty" and a phone number of 949-999-3308 given..i think it is a plot also- i have seen the same 'helpful' message many times with the same name and phone number -i think they call it free advertising. just plain wrong!!!


Tax masters is being sued by the AG of texas on behalf of 1000 clients, there are also class action lawsuits. Get a lawyer to call and then write a letter for a entire refund, if not repaid sue and they will pay up,but you must persue them.Good luck


Wow. That's the best complaint ad I've seen in a long time. SEO'd and everything.


Make sure you call Dave now. (949) 998-3308

Call now. Don't wait. (949) 998-3308

Call Dave. He really cares. He cares so much that he just threw his competition under the bus, filing a false complaint on this site, and put his phone number on it for you to call.

Call NOW!

(949) 998-3308

(949) 998-3308

(949) 998-3308


what if the company has the BBB (Better Bussiness Beuro) label on there web-site)?

my email address is:


Taxmasters got me and I am PISSED!!! No good stinking rip off.

I told them they ought to be ashamed of themselves taking good money from hard working people and kicking them when they are down. I asked them how the slept at night knowing all they were doing was ripping off people for a living.

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