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I must say the complaints sound all to familiar. After one year of service and $1700.00 fees, im right at the same point i was last year with no resolution or lowering of my tax debt .The same figures H&R and i arrived at last year are the same.

Totally a sham in promising reduced tax debt.They[TAX MASTERS] wanted me to do research they were paid to do.And, always wanted to go in a direction that had previously failed , a complete lack of motiavation . Just grab the money and two-step around the task.Absolutely false claims in advertisemrnt.

Monetary Loss: $9800.

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Bear, Delaware, United States #239734

I just got through my tax nightmare! I had a consultation with Tax Masters and handing over a ridiculous amount of money was our next step with some very hefty promises.

This made me very uneasy. Thank goodness too. I avoided this company by doing research before deciding on someone to represent me. The problem is they take your money before getting a clear picture on your situation with the IRS.

Companies like Tax Relief Foundation conduct an investigation first. This is the only honest way to conduct business in this arena. Both you and your representation should have realistic expectations before fully committing.

I would recommend Tax Relief Foundation to my parents. Now that says a lot.

Ashwood, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #147776

There is now a Houston law firm pursuing suits on behalf of consumers nationwide who have been deceived by TaxMasters. For more information visit:


we agreed to have them debit our payments of 700.00 per month on the 16th of each month, They debited yesterday and overdraafted my account. I will be doing no more business with them. and they WILL return my money.


TaxMasters took me for $9,750.00 and I'm in the process of fighting them. I am disputing the credit card charge now and if that fails I will be suing.

The took my money and never contacted the auditor assigned to my case. Furthermore, I was dealing with a State audit and all of their paperwork reflected a Federal audit. Once I brought this to their attention they would no longer communicate with me. I had to go somewhere else to get my tax issues resolved and I am still out the $9,750.00 as of today.

They need a class action lawsuit against them. Their frauds!!!!!


My Mother contracted with TaxMasters sometime in November of 09'. She passed away in January and nothing was done to file her back taxes.

They took another $1200,00 out of her account when she had been dead for two months.

It cost me $480.00 to get her taxes done and they refuse to return the money. A total of $3750.00.That is fraud and taking advantage of a sick and dieing woman.


George - Were you able to get a resolution for your problem? There are a lot of options out there for you.

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